About Us

Since 2006, Spinula Systems has offered professional services to a wide variety of customers in industrial equipment automation. The expertise of Spinula's engineers include design, analysis and fabrication of special test equipment, fluid flow and thermal analysis support, CAD/CAM support and industrial control systems.

If your company has need of short or long-term specialty engineering services, Spinula is the solution for you. We maintain an extensive network of industry design and analysis engineers and can provide staffing at your facility or support you off-site.

We encourage our team to pursue these competencies and behaviors to make an impact on our customer's outcome:

  • Challenge the status quo;
  • Build trust through clear communication and expectations;
  • Create a commonly owned plan for success;
  • Focus on team over self;
  • Commitment to continuous improvement for self and organization;
  • Build external networks and partnerships.


Transform ideas into reality through a multicultural and creative team that is committed to our customer's success.


Become a multinational company capable of delivering high quality services and effective responses to our customers wherever and whenever they are needed. Provide an environment to our employees that can nourish personal development and professional growth. Focus on strategic and continuous growth without compromising our commitment to quality standards.


CONFIDENTIALITY: Our actions are based on our internal code of conduct so as to preserve any sensitive, confidential information we exchange with our customers.
QUALITY: We always set high standards and have in place a continual improvement process for everything we do.
TRUST: We build trust through clear communication and expectations; we do what we say and deliver what we commit to deliver.
RESPECT: Respect for all the parties involved is at the base of everything we do. We strive to understand and to be understood.
TEAM SPIRIT: We focus on the team above ourselves, creating a common plan involving everyone for success.

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